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Combining deep cultural insight with powerful tech and analytics let us help Spotify reach whole new audiences - outside traditional advertising space.

We connected the brand with digital publishers, creating content that spoke to the audience in their own voice on platforms they love and trust – storytelling that’s truly native.

Spotify wanted to promote their ‘Year In Music’ personalised playlist function beyond their core market of music fans.


Our publishing team found where the brand intersected with the audience in culture to partner with publishers in four key areas - Urban, Sports, Fashion and Travel. The publishers created their own articles that fed into the ‘Year In Music’ idea and linked to the offering – real articles, written in the publisher’s own voice. Then we plugged these articles into Pollonize, our native distribution platform, whose powerful back end allows us to track every engagement and change articles instantly.


With the articles live we used the Pollonize dashboard to track performance and quickly update the content based on what was working best. It delivered over 100,000 views from real people, with an average click-through rate of 4% - well above our already impressive average of 2.5. People stayed on the article for an average of 1.5 minutes, and scrolled at least 60% down the page – astonishing results that can only come through deep insight, great tech and the truly relevant content.

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Case Studies


One trip, 20 films and a publishing plan

To celebrate M&S summer range of food from the Americas, our intrepid team set off with cameras, backpacks and a couple of hardy M&S experts. But bringing the campaign to life back home was the real story...


Bailey’s responsive newsroom

Bailey's turned to Adjust Your Set to create dynamic, newsroom coverage of their partnership for the Women's Prize for Fiction that would engage their audience and help define their brand role.


1,862 cameras in the Bacardi Triangle

The epic BACARDÍ Triangle event marked the launch of their new music and travel passion platform. We were tasked with developing an innovative method of content delivery to engage the guests while providing a taste of the irrepressible brand energy to those online.


Real stories with HSBC

When HSBC wanted to showcase their ‘Global Connections’ competition we thought that telling the real human truths behind the success stories would be something that people would be interested in... It ended up inspiring a whole campaign.


M&S explore an adventure in food

Events can be great for people who are there but not exactly essential viewing online. When M&S launched The Table, we decided to take their culinary challenge a step further to create a thrilling food adventure.


Spotify talk in audience culture

Combining deep cultural insight with powerful tech and analytics let us help Spotify reach whole new audiences - outside traditional advertising space.


Driving from search to commerce

We turned the internet’s appetite for home decoration and house-keeping content into a way to drive people to M&S’s Home offering.


More than a celebrity interview

Marks & Spencer’s challenge to us was to create content worthy of attention in the editorial environment and to find new ways to generate interest in their video and product offering. We proposed the In The Moment video series, which acts as a portal for culture, to bridge the gap between brand, retail and consumer.