Youth State is a proprietary on-going research project from Adjust Your Set, investigating youth culture in the UK.

Each report delves into a subject that helps us to understand this group, their motivations and priorities, aspirations and concerns.

However Youth State largely focuses on empowerment - a critical issue felt by young people on the brink of adulthood. This data will be tracked across all reports.

The project aims to deliver insights into where and how brands can effectively engage young people, as well as preparing them for the world of tomorrow.


For each wave of research, Adjust Your Set surveys 600 young people in the UK aged 16-24, and holds two focus groups, one of 8 people 16-19 and another of people 20-24.

Adjust Your Set partners with Youth Sight to recruit participants for this research. Youth Sight runs the UK's largest and best recruited specialist youth research panel.

Each report also has an attached video: a creative project by someone within the 16-24 age group exploring the content of that particular report from their own perspective.